PowerStand – a smart stand

PowerStand is the universal chyrging station and our new product for 2018. It is optima to place it everywhere, where it is difficult to plase our solar products. It finds its place at any place where people usually wait for something (train station, tram station, airport …) or in the park and shopping malls. It is necessary to use the 230 V AC power supply source. You can use standard electrical wires or PoE. It can be also plugged to the lamp if the lamps are 24/7 under the voltage.

PowerStand is equipped with 2x USB sockets to charge your mobile devices. If your mobile device is Qi ready, you just place your device on the PowerStand and it starts to charge your mobile device immediately. It is also equipped with the button which can be designated for the SOS emergency purposes or individually. When placed at the train station, it can serve as the “call for assistance” button for disabled people. It can also serve as the remote door opening, etc. Wi-Fi connection is provided by the 4G LTE modem or by direct link to your ethernet network.

Optionally, PowerStand comes with the weather monitoring including the monitoring of temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, and air quality.