Smart benches for Smart Cities



sCITYpro is our flagship smart bench. We spent a lot of time by developing it. We wanted to reach the top of UX in order to have satisfied customers and users. Now, we know that our bench is really durable comper to the other products on the market. It has a nice design and people simply love it.


Main description

Size: 2300 mm (L) x 540 mm (W) x 511 (H) and weight is approx 300 kg. The smart bench is equipped with many useful functions such as charging ports and cables for mobile devices (4x USB port, 2x Apple/Android cable, 2x wireless charging Qi). Another important feature is the SOS button connected directly to the Emergency system 112. High-speed LTE Wi-Fi provides very good and stable internet connection through the hotspot.

It is possible to equip the sCITYpro smart bench by the advanced sensors for measuring the quality of the air, local temperature, atmospheric pressure, and humidity. These data are stored in our servers and ready to be accessible to the municipalities and administrators within a city. Recorded data about the local microclimate may lead to better decision making about the future of the certain area.


Body description

The body is made of the stainless steel of anti-vandal type. Thicker steel structure provides the maximum stability. The anti-vandal design is the best for rush places or simply anywhere. The top part is made of the specially developed sapphire polycarbonate from Sweden. It has fantastic results in terms of heat, scratches, and pressure resistance.

Stainless steel is specially polished to be easily cleaned from a graffiti made by vandals. Another important feature is that the bench itself is the water resistant to 20 cm from the ground and it meets the IPx8 standards.

Interior description

The inner part of the smart bench is fitted with quality enviromental-safe solar panels of 130 Wp, which utilize solar power even when it is cloudy. Solar energy from the solar panels is sotred in the special safe high-capacity batteries of capacity 170 Ah.

Electricity is distributed through the whole system of components by the special system developed by us. This system provides optimal energy to any of the components. Due to our invention, our products may last up to 10 days without any sunshine.

All the components are monitored and regulated by the intelligent PLC system, that controls every equipment in the smart bench (USB ports, sensors, Wi-Fi, lighst, fans,…). We have the remote access to any smart bench in order to provide modifications of certain parameters.

General features

  • 4x USB port to plug-in your USB charging cable
  • 2x Wireless charging Qi
  • 2x SOS emergency button
  • High-speed LTE Wi-Fi internet

Extended features (optional)

Optional features in addittion to the general ones:

  • SOS button connected directly with the 112 Emergency system
  • Air quality sensors
  • Humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Atmospheric pressure sensor
  • Noise level sensor
  • LED lights
  • Data collection and storage

Description of the functions

USB port: USB 2.0 with Quick Charge

Qi: a modern system of the wireless charging based on the electric induction. It is a standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. We expect manufacturers of the mobile devices to fit Qi into many mobile devices in close future. Currently, only premium phones from the brands like SAMSUNG and LG use the wireless charging on their devices. If you do not have a mobile device with the Qi, then it is possible to buy the Qi “stickers” that can allow almost any mobile device to be charged wirelessly. You may also find some product from IKEA using Qi.

LTE WiFi: High-speed connection provides the special LTE modem equipped with the high speed up to 150 Mbps allowing to connect up to 10 users at once. Due to safety reasons, we restrict the connection area to the hotspot to 10 meters around the smart technology.

Air-quality sensor: this sensor measures several chemical elements from the air and provides complete information about the local microclimate.

Humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure sensor – collects data about the physical quantities.

SOS button: This is for the emergency purpose only. When pressed and hold for 5 seconds, it connects you directly to the National Emergency System.