Smart benches for smart cities

We have two main types of the smart benches, where both of theme are almost the same except its size. The main type is the sCITYpro smart bench, which is our flagship smart bench. It is a robust design consisting of the special stainless steel of modern shapes & quality and specially developed sapphire polycarbonate from Sweden. The smart bench sCITYpro was designed for operation in the cities and rush places.

Second smart bench is the sCITYsingle and a half of a size of the sCITYpro. It is only 1,2 m long (similar size to the other world acknowledged smart benches) but still suitable for 4 people sitting at once. It is also suitable for public places such as squares, parks, public transport stations, etc. Yes, it is more economically efficient, but to be honest with you, the best “WOW” effect brings only the sCITYpro.

User flow: