The optimal solution for any place



sWAY – it is the complex optimal solution for sitting, social interraction, internet connection and outside working.  Combination of quality wood and stainless steel makes sWAY beautiful, stylish and useful. We got an idea about this product during our freqwent traveling between the Czech Republic and other countries. This product should enhance place where it is installed. It´s large potential is not only in large cities, but also at highway rest places. Now, these places are equipped with clean toilets, drinking water, but with no place where you could charge your devices or to work outside. Our soultion brings the change.

sWAY can be used also in parks, public stations, squares, stadiums…simply at any place. The most important featrures are LTE Wi-Fi connectivity and 230 V AC socket. It is optimal to charge your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or simply whatever.. Ok, not a hairdryer, but… 🙂

Key features

  • Power 270 Wp
  • Lasts up 13 days
  • Battery Capacity 170 Ah
  • 4x USB Quick Charge
  • 2x Qi
  • 1x socket 230 V AC
  • WiFi LTE
  • SOS emergency button
  • IPx8 do 300 mm
  • Advanced sensors (optional)